Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun with Furniture

My husband, bless his heart, has come to like chairs as much as I do. Chairs? you may be thinking. Let Angela explain further.

Everyone with an active sex life should have a chair in the bedroom. I don't necessarily mean the large, plushy office chair on castors, although some people might like that sort of thing. No, no, I mean a simple straight-back chair with a comfortable seat and really strong legs and nails. What on earth for? you might ask. Well, for all the wriggling, of course.

Love acts with one person seated on a chair are HOT. Beyond the obvious things like restraints, of course. Think positions. Think novelty. Think "What exactly is in reach?" If that hasn't triggered any images for you yet, then 1) you need to play more! and 2) I can give you an example.

Do like I do. Take your lover and seat him or her in the chair. Next, take a straddle position just above his or her lap, moving close enough to tease, then leaning back a bit to build anticipation. Can your seated partner mouth your breasts without getting up? Or can your seated partner touch you between your legs without getting up? Do you want to tease? Do you want to torment? Do you want to help??

I like to nuzzle my way down the very front of him, all the way down, nibbling, sucking, then sucking some more, when I reach my destination. All while not allowing him to touch me at all. I like the way he begins to squirm while seated in that chair, impatience rising (along with other things), need building, soft moans growing steadily louder. I like to make him wait until neither of us can wait any longer and then - well, you can fill in the blanks any way you like. In fact, do one better than that. Get your own chair and give it a wriggle.

For more on how useful chairs can be, get your hands on my story "School Ties. " Here's a little excerpt to give you an idea:

"I decided that the chair would be best because it would put everything I wanted in easy reach." She dropped her voice to a seductive whisper and put her hand up the leg of his boxer shorts. "Very easy reach."

I'll bet you'll never look at furniture stores quite the same way again!

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