Friday, June 19, 2009

Words Feelings Passion Magic

Kiss. Nibble. Stroke. Push. Writhe. Moan.

Does reading the above list of words cause you to: feel? imagine? remember? desire?

How about if I add the following words? Entwine. Wriggle. Ache. Thrust.

Each of these words by itself is just a word. Strung together into a list, they may evoke a reaction from a reader. But chosen carefully and placed by design into sentences and then paragraphs and finally a story-- mere words can have the magic to conjure up an image, create a feeling, focus a memory, even ignite the senses.

And that is my job. My name is Angela Lee and I write stories. Passionate stories. Provocative stories. Tales that will take the reader to that special moment, that wondrous place between two people whose desire to be together supersedes all other needs, if just for that one white-hot, supernova second.

Of course, if that fleeting climactic second was all I included in my stories, I wouldn't be much of a writer, would I? No, the idea is to take that moment, take that place, and weave a bit of romance, a touch of love, even a pinch of sentimentality all around it, so that when that moment finally happens --

I like to think my readers sigh when they reach the end of one of my tales. I like to think they want to read it again, perhaps immediately, perhaps after saving it for a special treat. Won't you read one or two of my stories and let me know what you think? They're both available right now. Take a look to the right of this post, and you'll see what I mean!

Velvet. Silk. Lace. Satin.

Words, just words. But oh, what those words can do.

Join me every Friday for a new posting on this blog. Come and share my world of words, and I will open a world of sensations for you.

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