Friday, July 10, 2009

Dress (or not) for Sex-cess

There's sleek and silky. There's barely there or skin tight. There's diaphanous and there's lacey. And then there's nothing at all.

What's your favorite apparel for getting him into the mood? What articles of clothing do you put on -or take off- to stoke the fire and keep it burning for hours? Clothing, the things we wear every day to the office or to the grocery store, are frequently things we don't even notice once we've put them on. We throw on a blouse and a skirt, slip into shoes, check ourselves in the mirror, and then head out the door. As long as we haven't mixed plaids and polka dots, for the most part we earn the looks of approval we want, or we slip through crowds invisible on those days we'd rather not be sociable.

But when it's time for that eternal courtship ritual, time to raise the blood pressure, time to give in to desire, well, what do we wear? The clothes we ignore through our working days give way to a more carefully planned look. Do we want seductive? Smoldering? Inviting? Maybe even playful and innocent?

Perhaps it depends on the sensations we seek. Would you rather have his lips brush against bare skin or do you prefer to have just the sheerest barrier to his touch? Will you rise to his caress if his fingers stroke the silken curve of your breast or if they brush against the silk of a close-fitting teddy? And when his mouth trails down your belly, past your hips, even further down than that, do you opt for lace? Or is it better au natural?

Getting dressed to be undressed, whether slowly and teasingly or in a frenzy of urgent impatience, is half the fun. I like the look of anticipation in my man's eyes when I turn to him in my skin tight, nearly transparent white tank top (the better to hug the curves) and thong. Tight clothing transfers his touch in a way that makes the skin sizzle, longing and anticipating that first bare contact.

As for getting undressed? Hey, there's something to be said for doing a strip tease for your lover. Or just as fun, leaving a trail of clothing, sensual breadcrumbs, to your bedside: a high heel cast aside on the first stair, a blouse hung over the railing, a little black lace bra on the carpet just outside the bedroom door, so that when he finally steps into the room...

Here's to dressing up for the occasion. Or not at all.

Friday, July 3, 2009

All-day Tease

"Hey, lover. I'm wearing one of your shirts and nothing else. Except a tie. How would you like to take advantage of that?"

Every now and then, when my husband has one of those in-a-meeting-all-morning-til-evening workdays, especially when I know his phone is basically off and he'll just check for messages every couple of hours, I like to give him an all-day tease. Voice mail is so handy.

I'll send the above message at about five minutes past nine, just to get his day started. And to let him know what's coming. No texting, though. Don't want someone reading over his shoulder! Just voice mails. Lots of wicked little voice mails.

I call him again at about ten. "So I got bored with just a tie and added a scarf around my wrist. I thought I'd have it handy for you. Oh, and that video we ordered turned up in its brown wrapper."

At eleven, I'll let him know I unwrapped the video and gave it a try. "Oooh, honey, I never knew what you could do with whipped cream and a few scarves. Looks good enough to eat. Want to?"

By about noon, he'll call me back, but I won't pick up. I let him leave me a message as well. One time he just said, "I'll give you an hour to stop that, or pay the consequences." I answered him immediately. "I'll pay," I said. "Could be torturous, though. Bites. Nibbles. Rubbing. Things of that nature." And put a little breath into the last few words, dropping my voice to a seductive whisper.

At two, I'll call again. "It's no fun squirming around on the bed without you. Can you come home? I'm really missing your..." and I drop my voice one more time and murmur whichever body part (or whichever action of his) I feel is most appropriate.

At three-thirty I simply say "So it turns out your white shirt is quite transparent when wet. If you could only see what there is to see. I'm sure it'd stroke your interest and whet your appetite. Quite wet, actually. Touch me and see."

At four-thirty I call to remind him I'm counting the minutes until he comes.

And at five I remind him to hurry, that things at home are getting quite urgent. If I'm lucky, he'll call me as he leaves the office as a warning that he's on his way. "Ready, willing and able?" I ask. "It's been a hard day, hon. I can't wait for you to feel how ready I really am," he'll reply.

Ooooh. Neither can I.

For more all-day teasing, make sure you check out my story, Bedroom Tiger. Tracee and Henry don't even use a phone!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun with Furniture

My husband, bless his heart, has come to like chairs as much as I do. Chairs? you may be thinking. Let Angela explain further.

Everyone with an active sex life should have a chair in the bedroom. I don't necessarily mean the large, plushy office chair on castors, although some people might like that sort of thing. No, no, I mean a simple straight-back chair with a comfortable seat and really strong legs and nails. What on earth for? you might ask. Well, for all the wriggling, of course.

Love acts with one person seated on a chair are HOT. Beyond the obvious things like restraints, of course. Think positions. Think novelty. Think "What exactly is in reach?" If that hasn't triggered any images for you yet, then 1) you need to play more! and 2) I can give you an example.

Do like I do. Take your lover and seat him or her in the chair. Next, take a straddle position just above his or her lap, moving close enough to tease, then leaning back a bit to build anticipation. Can your seated partner mouth your breasts without getting up? Or can your seated partner touch you between your legs without getting up? Do you want to tease? Do you want to torment? Do you want to help??

I like to nuzzle my way down the very front of him, all the way down, nibbling, sucking, then sucking some more, when I reach my destination. All while not allowing him to touch me at all. I like the way he begins to squirm while seated in that chair, impatience rising (along with other things), need building, soft moans growing steadily louder. I like to make him wait until neither of us can wait any longer and then - well, you can fill in the blanks any way you like. In fact, do one better than that. Get your own chair and give it a wriggle.

For more on how useful chairs can be, get your hands on my story "School Ties. " Here's a little excerpt to give you an idea:

"I decided that the chair would be best because it would put everything I wanted in easy reach." She dropped her voice to a seductive whisper and put her hand up the leg of his boxer shorts. "Very easy reach."

I'll bet you'll never look at furniture stores quite the same way again!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Words Feelings Passion Magic

Kiss. Nibble. Stroke. Push. Writhe. Moan.

Does reading the above list of words cause you to: feel? imagine? remember? desire?

How about if I add the following words? Entwine. Wriggle. Ache. Thrust.

Each of these words by itself is just a word. Strung together into a list, they may evoke a reaction from a reader. But chosen carefully and placed by design into sentences and then paragraphs and finally a story-- mere words can have the magic to conjure up an image, create a feeling, focus a memory, even ignite the senses.

And that is my job. My name is Angela Lee and I write stories. Passionate stories. Provocative stories. Tales that will take the reader to that special moment, that wondrous place between two people whose desire to be together supersedes all other needs, if just for that one white-hot, supernova second.

Of course, if that fleeting climactic second was all I included in my stories, I wouldn't be much of a writer, would I? No, the idea is to take that moment, take that place, and weave a bit of romance, a touch of love, even a pinch of sentimentality all around it, so that when that moment finally happens --

I like to think my readers sigh when they reach the end of one of my tales. I like to think they want to read it again, perhaps immediately, perhaps after saving it for a special treat. Won't you read one or two of my stories and let me know what you think? They're both available right now. Take a look to the right of this post, and you'll see what I mean!

Velvet. Silk. Lace. Satin.

Words, just words. But oh, what those words can do.

Join me every Friday for a new posting on this blog. Come and share my world of words, and I will open a world of sensations for you.