Friday, July 3, 2009

All-day Tease

"Hey, lover. I'm wearing one of your shirts and nothing else. Except a tie. How would you like to take advantage of that?"

Every now and then, when my husband has one of those in-a-meeting-all-morning-til-evening workdays, especially when I know his phone is basically off and he'll just check for messages every couple of hours, I like to give him an all-day tease. Voice mail is so handy.

I'll send the above message at about five minutes past nine, just to get his day started. And to let him know what's coming. No texting, though. Don't want someone reading over his shoulder! Just voice mails. Lots of wicked little voice mails.

I call him again at about ten. "So I got bored with just a tie and added a scarf around my wrist. I thought I'd have it handy for you. Oh, and that video we ordered turned up in its brown wrapper."

At eleven, I'll let him know I unwrapped the video and gave it a try. "Oooh, honey, I never knew what you could do with whipped cream and a few scarves. Looks good enough to eat. Want to?"

By about noon, he'll call me back, but I won't pick up. I let him leave me a message as well. One time he just said, "I'll give you an hour to stop that, or pay the consequences." I answered him immediately. "I'll pay," I said. "Could be torturous, though. Bites. Nibbles. Rubbing. Things of that nature." And put a little breath into the last few words, dropping my voice to a seductive whisper.

At two, I'll call again. "It's no fun squirming around on the bed without you. Can you come home? I'm really missing your..." and I drop my voice one more time and murmur whichever body part (or whichever action of his) I feel is most appropriate.

At three-thirty I simply say "So it turns out your white shirt is quite transparent when wet. If you could only see what there is to see. I'm sure it'd stroke your interest and whet your appetite. Quite wet, actually. Touch me and see."

At four-thirty I call to remind him I'm counting the minutes until he comes.

And at five I remind him to hurry, that things at home are getting quite urgent. If I'm lucky, he'll call me as he leaves the office as a warning that he's on his way. "Ready, willing and able?" I ask. "It's been a hard day, hon. I can't wait for you to feel how ready I really am," he'll reply.

Ooooh. Neither can I.

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  1. I'm enjoying your posts. You have such a natural exuberance for sex, and it's great that you seem to be a happily married romantic. Your writing appears to come from a place of love, respect and honesty. It's refreshing, really. I look forward to reading more of you.